Bakery Products

Across our brands, we offer a wide range of products to suit many bakery applications including biscuits, cakes, pastries, donuts and creams. Check out our confectionery shortenings for a great alternative to cocoa butter. Our products are made to specific applications and Solid Fat Curves to deliver reliable and trusted results. We partner with our customers to provide specific functional blends and our products are also available for export. We use a traditional drum complector process to produce pastry margarines that deliver premium plasticity for lamination, lift and flake in pastries. The fat is pliable and non-brittle to provide a superior finished product quality and improve bake volume. Our range of shortpaste products have traditional European flavours and rich aroma, offering great baked-through finishes. They are ideal for use in sweet short pastry, biscuits, pie cases and Danish pastries.

PILOT has been made in Australia for over 110 years. A proud partner to Bakers and Pastry Cooks, PILOT was first produced in 1909 at Marrickville, Sydney and represents, quality, trust and reliability in the Baked Goods market. The PILOT brand has grown to be one of the most recognised and respected baking ingredient brands in Asia Pacific.

PTL (Provincial Traders Limited) was first produced in 1931 in Brisbane, Australia. The PTL brand is made from 100% Beef Tallow and represents tradition and quality in performance, reliability and taste. The use of traditional oils gives rich deep flavours to pastries and baked goods alike.  

PIN AND PEEL represents the next generation of Baked Goods ingredients and partner high-quality oil blends like Australian Non-GM Canola Oil and Coconut Oils with the richness of Dairy and other natural ingredients to deliver products that will lead into the future. Made in Australia from over 110 years of knowhow. For more information please visit

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